Amritash Ayurveda -Top Rated Ayurveda Retreat Center Rishikesh

In the foothills of Himalayas, surrounded by the soothing environment of Rishikesh, Amritash Ayurveda is one of the best ayurveda treatment center in Rishikesh, providing several Ayurveda packages to people looking to connect with the ancient Yogic culture. Having a team of well-trained Ayurveda doctors and professional therapists, our ayurveda center in Rishikesh helps people undergo a rigorous transformation.

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About Amritash

From therapeutic massages to ancient Yoga therapies, our Ayurveda programs focus on the overall wellness of people. Despite having rooted in the ancient Yogic culture, our therapies follow a modern approach and act as a natural remedy for several medical conditions.

Our wellness Ayurvedic center is a haven for people seeking spirituality and looking forward to spending peaceful moments in the tranquil environment of the holiest place in India, i.e., Rishikesh. Offering a mesmerizing view of holy Ganges and having state of the art facilities, our wellness center is the right place to practice Yoga and meditation while relaxing the overall body at the same time. With world-in-class amenities and a team of best Ayurvedic doctor in Rishikesh, our wellness center will allow people to embark on a spiritual life journey.

Amritash Ayurveda provides all the desired amenities along with the ancient ayurveda treatments, nutritional cooking & Yoga therapies so that patients can enjoy their stay in comfort. Dedicated meditation halls and classrooms are a perfect blend for people to dive into the divinity of Rishikesh. Our treatments are highly influenced by the ancient India philosophies which focus on enhancing the mental as well as the physical state of a person through Yoga and other Ayurvedic remedies. Our packages offer deep cleansing of mind, body, and soul.

Our healing hospitality is strongly influenced by Indian philosophy. It offers an Indian wellness retreat with international standards that include therapies and customized body and mind treatments – ranging from deep muscular massages to relaxing Shirodhara and detoxifying remedies.

Amritash Ayurveda Resorts Rishikesh offers something for everyone.